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The -files Episode Guide...


The Episode Guide may contain spoilers. Mail me with any tips and comments


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six




0. The Pilot


1. Deep Throat


2. Squeeze


3. Conduit


4. Jersey Devil


5. Shadows


6. Ghost In The Machine


7. Ice


8. Space


9. Fallen Angel


10. Eve


11. Fire


12. Beyond The Sea


13. Gender Bender


14. Lazarus


15. Young At Heart


16. E.B.E.


17. Miracle Man


18. Shapes


19. Darkness Falls


20. Tooms


21. Born Again


22. Roland


23. The Erlenmeyer Flask


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1. Little Green Men


2. The Host


3. Blood


4. Sleepless


5. Duane Barry


6. Ascension


7. 3.


8. One Breath


9. Firewalker


10. Red Museum


11. Excelsius Dei


12. Aubrey


13. Irresistible


14. Die Hand Die Verletzt


15. Fresh Bones


16. Colony


17. End Game


18. Fearful Symmetry


19. Dod Kalm


20. Humbug


21. The Calusari


22. F. Emasculata


23. Soft Light

An experiment with dark matter goes wrong, and leaves a scientist with a deadly shadow


24. Our Town


25. Anasazi

Mulder gets hold of sensitive DOD files. His father gets shot by Alex Krycek. Part one of three.


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1. The Blessing Way

Someone is after Scully, but accidently shoots Melissa Scully instead. Mulder has dissappeared. Part two of three.


2. Paper Clip

Mulder returns, they find a DNA database of almost every Americans borned after 1950 hidden in a mountain. Part three of three.


3. D.P.O.

Several young people is apparently struck by lightning in a small Oklahoma town.


4. Clyde Bruckman`s Final Respose


5. The List


6. 2shy

A man who have lack of body fat sucks the fat, literally, out of women he meets on the internet.


7. The Walk

A man with no arms or legs become the prime subject in a series of death within the army.


8. Oubliette


9. Nisei


10. 731


11. Revelations


12. War of Coprophrages


13. Syzygy


14. Grotesque


15. Piper Maru


16. Apocrypha


17. Pusher


18. Teso dos Bichos


19. Hell Money


20. Jose Chung`s "From Outer Space"


21. Avatar


22. Quagmire


23. Wetwired


24. Talitha Cumi


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1. Herrenvolk


3. Home


4. Teliko

Several African American men is reported missing. The police find the men, but unfortunately they are dead. The cause of death is not violence, but lack of pigmentation.


2. Unruhe

A guy have a paranormal ability to create images on film with his mind. He is also a psychotic killer.


5. The Field Where I Died


6. Sanguinarium

A series of mysterious deaths in a cosmetic surgery clinic leads Mulder to case involving human sacrifice.


7. Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man

Frohike reveals what he may believe is the secret past of the Cigarette Smoking Man.


9. Tunguska


10. Terma


8. Paper Hearts

Mulder's investigations of a serial killer leads him to questionwhat really happened to his sister.


11. El Mundo Gira

An illegal mexican immigrant is suspected by the other immigrants to be the legendary "El Chupacabra", or "the goatsucker".


14. Leonard Betts

A headless corpse walks out of a hospital morgue. Then he make himself a new head, and start killing people suffering from cancer.


13. Never Again


15. Memento Mori


12. Kaddish


16. Unrequited


17. Tempus Fugit


18. Max


19. Synchrony


20. Small Potatoes


21. Zero Sum


22. Elegy


23. Demons


24. Gethsemane


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Short Description

CSM come back from death to reveal his identity to his son FBI agent Jeffrey Spender, abduct psychic boy Gibson Praise and deliver him to the syndicate, and burn down Mulders office. Scully finds out that she is the mother of a little girl, Emily, who dies in episode no 7, Emily.


2. Redux

Someone inside the FBI is responible for Scully`s cancer, but who? Part two of three.


3. Redux II

Scully is dying, and Mulder tries to find the vaccine. Part three of three.


1. Unusual Suspects

Flashback episode, the Lone Gunmen meet each other.


4. Detour

Mulder and Scully is stranded in a Florida wood together with ancient spanish conquistadors.


6. Post-Modern Prometheus

Modern-day Frankenstein episode filmed in Black/White.


5. Christmas Carol

Scully gets odd phone calls from a murdered womans house. Part one of two.


7. Emily

Scully fights to protect her daughter from the men responsible for Emily`s adoptive parents deaths. Part two of two.


8. Kitsunegari

Pusher escapes from prison.


9. Schizogeny

A teenager is suspected of murdering his father, but Mulder and Scully is convinced something else killed the man.


Inside The X-files


10. Chinga

Scully`s Maine vacation is interrupted when she stumbles over a bizarre case involving a little girl and her doll. Guest writer: Stephen King.


11. Kill Switch

Mulder and Scully is chased by an AI.


12. Bad Blood

Mulder stabs a pizza-delivering vampire.


13. Patient X

UFO-abductees are burned alive. Part one of two.


14. The Red And The Black

More people are burned alive, among them Scully and Cassandra Spender. Part two of two.


15. Travelers


16. Mind`s Eye

A blind woman can see through her fathers eyes, and she watches him kill several people.


17. All Souls

The death of a handicapped girl prompts a priest to ask Scully for her help.


18. The Pine Bluff Variant


19. Folie A Deux

A delusional man believes his boss is a monster.


20. The End

A chess-player gets murdered, and lead Mulder and Scully into an investigation into the heart of the X-files. A person from Mulder`s past, Diana Fowley, is returning.


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The X-files Movie: Fight The Future




1. The Beginning

Mulder and Scully are reassigned. An alien is born in Phoenix.


2. Drive

A woman`s head explodes. Her housband is arrested.


3. Triangle

Mulder travels to the Bermuda Triangle.


4. Dreamland

Mulder finally gets inside Area 51, in another guy`s body. Part one of two.


5. Dreamland II

While Fletcher enjoys the life as Mulder, Mulder tries to undo the damage. Part two of two.


8. How The Ghost Stole Christmas

Mulder and Scully pay a visit to a haunted house.


6. Terms Of Endearment

A devil wants to have a human baby.


7. Rain King

A weather man`s emotion controls the weather in Kansas.


10. S.R. 819

Skinner is poisoned and has 24hrs left.


9. Tithonus


11. Two Fathers

Cassandra Spender returns as an alien hybrid and the conspiracy is exposed (sort of). Part one of two.


12. One Son

Finally, Mulder and Scully get to work with the X-files again. Part two of two.


14. Agua Mala


15. Monday


13. Arcadia


16. Alpha


17. Trevor


18. Milagro


19. B.R.M.


20. Shades Of Grey


21. Untitled


22. Untitled



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