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6.04 Dreamland






Michael McKean as Morris Fletcher

Michael Buchman Silver as Howard Grodin

Scott Allan Campbell as Jeff Smoodge

Tyler Binkley as Terry Fletcher

Dara Hollingworth as Christine Fletcher

Nora Dunn as Joane Fletcher

James Pickens Jr. as A.D. Kersh

John Mahon as General Wegman

Julia Vera as Mrs. Lana Chee

Laura Leigh Hughes as Kersh's Assistant


I loved this episode, but Dreamland II is even better.


Part one of two

Mulder gets an anonymous tip that brings him and Scully to the middle of the Nevada desert. There thay are supposed to meet a source who claim to work at Area 51, and that he has evidence to proof the government`s experimentation with alien technology. But, unfortunately, they get stopped by some Area 51 guys who tell them to turn around. But on their way back to their car, a UFO flies overhead them. It happen some sort of a chemical reaction, and Mulder and one of the Area 51 guys change bodies (Mulder still looks like Mulder, but on the inside he is an Area 51 guy, and the Area 51 guy is Mulder). But Scully and the other Area 51 guys doesn`t notice anything out of the ordinary, and the UFO has erased their minds so that they doesn`t remember seeing it.

Scully and the Mulder who is not Mulder travells back to Washington with Scully, and the real Mulder tries to figure out what happened. His name is now Morris Fletcher, he is married, and have two kids, and he works inside Area 51. The real Fletcher, who is now in Washington, love the life as a singel FBI-agent, and doesn`t lift a finger to try to reverse the situation. Mulder tries to prove to Scully that Fletcher is not him, but Scully doesn`t believe him. He tells her that he will give her scientific proof via a flight data recorder which was recovered from another plane that crashed during a test flight at Area 51, and switched the bodies of a pilot and an old indian woman (pretty funny combination). Unfortunately, Fletcher gets wind of Mulder`s plans, and informs A. D. Kersh. Kersh orders Scully to set a trap for Mulder. The Area 51 guards then arrest Mulder. But when the guards drag him off, she is still insecure who this man really is, and it there is any possibility if he could be Mulder.


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