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6.10 S.R.819






Raymond J. Barry as Senator Richard Matheson

Kenneth Tigar as Dr. Plant

Jenny Gago as Dr. Katrina Cabrera

John Towey as Dr. Kenneth Orgel

Donna Marie Moore as ICU nurse

Greta Fadness as OR nurse

Dan Class as Forensic Tech

Susana Mercedes as Driver

Tim Van Pelt as Young Surgeon

Keith Coulouris as Intern

Al Paris as Silk Shirt Man

Julie Hubert as Exam Room Nurse

Mickey Knox as Trainer


Alec Krycek is soo cute! (But it was a cool episode too).


Skinner gets knocked out in a boxing fight, and wakes up in a hospital. There he gets an odd phone call:





Later, Mulder and Scully finds him in his office having trouble seeing right. Scully thinks he has gotten poisoned, and asks him if he can remember anyone touching him or something. They watch the security tapes, and one man asked him what time it was and grabbed him by his wrist. The man`s name is Dr. Kenneth Orgel, a famous physicist and an advisor to the Senate subcommittee on ethics and new technology. He had signed in as a visitor to Skinner`s office.

When visiting Orgel`s house, they find two men trying to kidnapp Orgel. Mulder runs after them and manage to get one of them, but the other one runs away with Orgel. But, unfortunately, the guy has a diplomatic passport, and they have to let him go. (for those who wonder: the guys name was Alexander Lazreg, and he was the Tunisian cultural attache in Washington)

While searching Orgel`s house, Mulder finds a picture of Orgel together with Senator Richard Matheson and a paper with the headline "Senate Resolution 819", taken only a few days ago. When visiting the senator he says SR819 will provide money and supplies to the World Health Organization`s medical technology to the third world countries.

In the meantime, Scully is running some tests on Skinner`s blood samples at the hospital. Something is weird; Skinner`s blood is pure carbon. When looking at the samples under a microscope they find lots of small circular objects bouncing back and forth among other circular objects. Sudddently they multiply. And multiply again. (bad, bad, bad Skinner...)

While ripping apart Skinner`s office, Mulder finds that Skinner was doing a security check on the SR819 and that, somehow, his connection to the resolution is what got him poisoned. He pays a visit to the senator again and finds out that nanotechnology (microscopic atom-sized machines that had been previously thought of as theoretical) have been injected into Skinner and someone is programming them to kill him.

Meanwhile, Skinner lies on a hospital bed, his pulse flatlines. But, Skinner`s not dead; moments later he comes back to life. Weeks later, Scully reports that whatever infected Skinner has gone into remission. Mulder asks for premission to continue the investigation, but Skinner closes the case.

In the evening, Skinner heads for his car. In the backseat, he finds the man who had been driving the nanotechnology atoms -Alec Krycek. Krycek galres at Skinner, he`s got Skinner under his thumb and intends to keep him there (for those who haven't understood it yet: Skinner got infected with nanotechnology atoms, not a disease. It took quite a while before I understood that).



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