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3.07 The Walk

Original Air Date: 11/10/95






Deryl Hayes as Army Doctor

Don Thompson as Lieutenant Colonel Victor Stans

Beatrice Zeilinger as the burly nurse

Nancy Sorel as Captain Draper

Thomas Kopache as General Callahan

Williw Garson as Quinton "Roach" Freely

Ian Tracey as Sgt. "Rappo" Trimble

Rob Lee as the amputee

Pat Bermel as the therapist

Brennan Kotowich as Trevor Callahan

Andrea Barclay as Mrs. Callahan

Paul Dickson as the uniformed guard

Paula Shaw as the ward nurse

D. Harlan Cutshall as the guard


Cool episode.


Lieutenant Colonel Victor Stans has tried to commit suicide three times on three weeks. He claims that someone doesn't want to let him die. The fourth time, he locks himself inside a rehabilitation room at an army hospital. He raises the water temperature of a whirlpool tub to the boiling point, but in the moment he's going to throw himself in the tub, a voice speaks to him, the glass of an alarm box smashes, and the deadbolt lock to the rehab room door slides open, as if moved by an invisible force. Also this time Stans' suicide attempt fails, when he throws himself in the tub, he quickly gets rescued by a nurse and some firemen.

Mulder and Scully turn their attention to the case. Stans tells them a sort of phantom killer, whom he's never seen clearly, killed his wife and child, and now wishes to see him suffer by not letting him kill himself. The agents are approached by Army Captain Janet Draper, who requests a suspension of whatever investigation the FBI has begun. Protocol requires any criminal investigation of military personnel to be conducted through military channels and the superior officer.

Mulder and Scully turn to General Callahan, who accuses them of gross misconduct and labels Stans' misfortune a tragic accident. But Scully notes a similar case involving Staff Sergeant Kevin Aiklen, who also served with Callahan in the Gulf War. Aiklen claimed he, too, was prevented from killing himself by an unseen force after his family died in a tragic "accident". After the agents leave, Callahan also gets a visited from the phantom soldier, who appeares in the reflection of a window. Shortly thereafter, Captain Draper is drowned when water from a swimming pool assumes human form and attacks her.

Mulder warns Callahan that if the pattern is at all consistent, his family may be in great danger. Callahan reluctanly admits he was visited by the phantom soldier the previous night. When Callahan returns home, his wife describes how their son Trevor saw a stranger inside the house. Scully notices someone inside the Callahan's backyard, but he escapes. A fingerprint check leads the agents to Quentin Freely, nicknamed Roach. He is charged with murder. A search of Roache's apartment turns up mail from each of the victim's homes. But shortly thereafter, as a military MP stands guad, sand from a sandbox takes human form and attacks Trevor, killing him.

During interrogation, Roach claims he's merely the "mailman" for a fellow vet named Leonard "Rappo" Trimble. The agents rush to the army hospital where Rappo is a patient, and they are told Rappo is a quadruple amputee. When Mulder and Scully return to Roache's cell, they find his dead body, a bed sheet stuffed down his throat. Mulder suspects that Rappo is capable of astral projection (the ability to leave his own body and travel virtually anywhere). Before Callaham and his wife can pack up their belongings and leave, Mrs. Callahan is murdered. Despondent, Callahan seeks out Stans. He pulls out a gun and attempts to shoot himself, but the gun will not fire. Stan insists he know the identity of the killer. Callahan enters Rappo's room at the hospital. But after conversing with the amputee, Callahan decides not to kill him, but make him suffer as they have suffered.

As Callahan attempts to leave the hospital, steam pipes in the sub-basement rupture. Callahan is engulfed by the hissing steam, from which emerges the phantom soldier. Mulder comes to the general's aid, but he, too, is attacked by the force. Meanwhile, Stans gains access to Rappo's room. He locks the door, and using a pillow, smothers the amputee, killing him. Back in the sub-basement. The invisible force dissipates.




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