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6.08 How The Ghosts Stole Christmas


Too unreliable story, even for The X-files.


Mulder and Scully is surveiling an old gothic house on the day before christmas looking for ghosts. A long time ago two lovers, Mauriel and Lydia, killed themselves there, and every christmas they are haunting the house. After they died, three people have lived in the house, all of them killed themselves on this day.

When Mulder and Scully are entering the house, the doors lock behind them, and there is no way out. In the library, in a hole in the floor, they find two skeletons, a male and a female. They are dressed just like Mulder and Scully. Then the doors in the library lock behind them, and another door opens. They go into the room, but comes into the room they just were in. Then Mulder goes back to check if he comes into the same room again, and the door lock behind him. They cannot fint the way back to each other.

Mulder meets a man, and Scully a woman who`s clayming to live in the house. They are trying to talk Mulder and Scully to insanity. Then Scully meets the man and the woman. The man got a hole through his head, and the woman got a hole througt her chest. Scully faints. In the meantime, Mulder figures out that the people are Mauriel and Lydia, the ghosts. They have aged.

Lydia is pretending to be Mulder, and shoots Scully. Then she is pretending to be Scully, and shoots Mulder. The real Scully meets the real Mulder, both of them shot, but not dead, and they both believe that the other one shot them. They almost shoot each other, but luckily they change their minds. Suddently, Mulder finds out that they're not injured at real, it's all in their minds. The haunted house have turned into a normal house again, and no doors are locked.



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