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5.03 Redux II






Ken Camroux as Senior Agent

Charles Cioffi as Section Chief Scott Blevins

Brent Sheppard as Doctor

Don S. Williams as Elder

Robert Wright as Dr. Zucherman

John Finn as Michael Kritschgau

Arnie Walters as Father McCue


I just love it when some secrets are revealed.



Skinner, Blevins and all the other FBI big guys is pissed at Mulder when they finds out he`s alive, and he has to testify infront of a panel what happened. But others are pleased he`s alive, CSM. He wants to have Mulder on his side. CSM provides him with the cure for Scullys cancer, a microchip from the DoD building. The cure works; Scully miraculously recovers. But CSM has another thing to offer Mulder; a meeting is arranged. But CSM is not alone; out of the car comes Samantha (Mulder`s sister)!!!!! Mulder gets chocked. She tells him that CSM is her father (!!!) and that he had helped her to find Mulder. Mulder says he want to take her to go to see mom. But all this gets to much for her, and she wants to go. Mulder grabs her hand, begging her at least to tell him how to contact her, but she says she needs time and promises to think about it. Bye bye Samantha.

The next day MUlder again have a meeting with CSM, but without Samantha. CSM tells him to quit the FBI and come work for him. But Mulder refuses, luckilly.

The next day Blevins wants to talk to Mulder alone. He says that Scully was prepared to name the mole inside the FBI, namely Skinner, who they have evidence against. Blevins tells him to name Skinner in his testimony and the charges against himself may be dropped.

The time has come. Mulder is going to testify in front of the FBI panel. When he starts to talk about who the mole is, Skinner is looking pretty nervous. But he has no need to worry, Mulder named Section Chief Blevins as the mole. CSM is shot in Blevins' office by an unknown assassin, and his last dying act is a tender glance at a photograph of a teenaged Fox and Samantha. Blevins enter the room, and also he gets killed.






Redux II was the 100th X-files episode to be shot.


More happens in the last minutes of Redux II than in an entire season of other television series.





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