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3.02 Paper Clip

Original Air Date: 09/29/95






Robert Lewis as the E.R. Doctor

Don Williams as the 1st Elder

Stanley Walsh as the 2nd Elder

John Moore as the 3rd Elder

Walter Gotell as Victor Klemper

Martin Evans as Factotum

Peta Brookstone as the I.C.U. Nurse

Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman as Albert Hosteen

Lenno Britos as the Hispanic Man

Rebecca Toolan as Mrs. Mulder


Pretty cool episode.


Part three of three

. . . . Skinner and Scully is pointing their guns at each other, and someone is coming in the front door. It is Mulder. He orders Skinner to drop his weapon. Skinner then opens his coat, and takes out the computer disk with the DOD files. But because so many people is after the disk, he insists on keeping it himself.

From an old photograph of Mulder's father and some other men, they, with the help of the lone gunmen, identify a man named Victor Klemper. He is a Nazi War criminal and a participant in a US government operation that provided safe havens for war criminals in exchange for their scientific knowledge called "Operation Paper Clip". But before they have managed to locate Klemper, Scully learns that her sister Melissa is in critical condition at a nearby hospital. But fearing an ambush by assassins, Scully joins Mulder in his search for Klemper.

They find Klemper, but he give them little information: the photograph was taken at the Strughold Mining Company in West Virginia, and he mentions Napier's Constant, the base of all natural logarithms.

When Mulder and Scully pay the old mine a visit, they discover heavy metal doors built into the rocky walls of the mountainside. The access code to the doors is the formular od Napier's Constant. Inside, they find seemingly endless rows of filing cabinets containing files and tissue samples of thousands of US citizens. Both Mulder's sister and Scully's files are there. But their search is interrupted when a government hit squad enters the building. But, luckilly, they find an exit door and make their way to safety.

Skinner pays a visit to Melissa's hospital room. He follows a guy who's monitoring the room to a dark stairwell. There, he is attaced by Alex Krycek and his accomplice. They steal the computer disk.

When Mulder and Scully again pay a visit to Klemper, they are informed by the Well Manicured Man that Klemper is dead. Mulder recognizes him as one of the men in his father's photograph. The WMM recounts how, in 1947, a spacecraft was reportedly recovered in New Nexico. This event coincided with the formation of Operation Paper Clip. Mulder suspects that Klemper was experimenting with the creation of a super race, an alien/human hybrid. The files stored in the mountain, Mulder realizes, are vaccination records on millions of Americans who received smallpox vaccinations.

Skinner threatens to expose the CSM if any harm should befall Mulder or Scully. He reveals that Albert Hosteen has spread the contents of the computer disk among his Navajo people.

Later, Mulder visits Scully at the hospital, and learns that Melissa passed away during surgery a few hours ago.




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