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6.07 Rain King






Clayton Rohner as Daryl Mootz

Davis Manis as Holman Hardt

Victoria Jackson as Sheila Fontaine

Thom McFadden as the Doctor

Dirk Blocker as Mayor Gilmore

Dan Gifford as the Local News Anchor

Francesca Ingrassia as Cindy Culpepper

Sharron Maddden as the Motel Manager

Brian D. Johnson as Man

Sally Stevens as the Radio Singer


Watch a soap opera instead.


Kroner, Kansas: It hasn`t rained in weeks, and Mulder and Scully is asked to investigate it(!). A man, Daryl Mootz, is acused for causing the dry, and then make it rain for those who pay him. The local people thinks he is some sort of a "rain-god". Mulder and Scully visits the local TV-station, and talks to a weather-man, Holman Hardt. He thinks it`s Daryl Mootz who's following the rain, not the rain that's following him.

One night a cow (!!!) falls down in Mulder`s bead. Fortunately he isn`t sleeping in it. A woman, Sheila, says she made the cow fall down in Mulder`s bead. But it was an accident. She thinks the weather is following her. Her senior prom was destroyded by a tornado, it snowed on her wedding-day at the 4th of July, and her ex-housband Daryl Mootz (the rain king) lost his leg in a hailstorm.

But Mulder doesn`t thing she`s the one to blaim, but Holman (the weather man). The day his mother died it snowed rose-leaves for an hour. Mulder thinks the weather expresses the emotions he supersede, and that he has been in love with Sheila since high school. Holman admitts everything. But Sheila is in love with Mulder.

But at the end the sun again shine. . .



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