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6.11 Two Fathers






George Murdock as Elder #1

Don S. Williams as Elder #2

Nick Tate as Dr. Openshaw

Peter Donat as Bill Mulder

Rebecca Toolan as Tena Mulder


At least some of the conspiracy is exposed. Finally!


Part one of two

Arlington, Virginia: Inside a train car containing a surgical bay, some doctors, among them doctor Openshaw, is standing around an operating table looking at a patient, who`s face unseen. One of the doctors congratulates him with his work, which has been going on for the last decade, and is now a success. The doctors leave the train car, only to be lit afire by a Faceless Man (an alien rebel). The Faceless Man enters the train car and thrusts his weapon at Openshaw, burning him. He then looks upon the operating table...where an unconscious Cassandra Spender lies.

Skinner escorts Agent Spender to the place where the train car is. He explains thet a group of people were burned alive, and that only his mother and a critically injured man survived. But when Spender asks his mother to tell him what happened, she asks him to talk to Mulder. Since Spender and Mulder are not exactly best-friends, Spender objects. But after talking to Skinner, he changes his mind, and asks Muldeer to talk to Cassandra. Mulder tells Spender to find the truth himself.

In the meantime, the Cigarette Smoking Man visits dr. Openshaw at the hospital (he was the guy who survived the fire). Openshaw tells CSM that Cassandra is a success, and must be terminated before the alien colonists find out that a human/alien hybrid exists. Then, when CSM has gotten the answers he wanted, he kills Openshaw. CSM calls Elder #1 to inform him that Openshaw is dead, and that there will be an emergency meeting of the Syndicate. The Elder promises he will come to the meeting, and makes his way to the front door. There he finds Openshaw. The Elder grabs Openshaws face, only to find a Faceless Man beneath. A struggle ensues, and the Elder is killed.

Mulder and Scully decide to meet with Cassandra Spender secretly. They get shocked, the former wheelchair-bound Cassandra is now walking. She tells the agents that the doctors worked in conjunction with the aliens to cure her. She now believes that the aliens are plotting to take over the universe by infecting all life forms with a virus (the black cancer). The doctors were burned by another race of aliens (the Faceless Rebels), who mutilated their faces so they wouldn`t be infected with the virus. Cassandra thinks her son`s life is in danger, as he is in collusion with men who have worked with the aliens.

The Syndicate members, including Alec Krycek, have gathered for the meeting. One of them suggests an alliance with the alien rebels, something completely at odds with everything the group has strived for. After the meeting, Krycek informs CSM that Mulder paid Cassandra a secret visit.

Mulder and Scully sneal into Mulder`s old basement office, which now belongs to Spender. They access computer files on Cassandra Spender and her son, and find out that CSM really is Agent Spenders real father. When accessing CSM`s file, he is identified by the name "C. G. B. Spender". But the computer has no more information on him. Moments later, Skinner warns the agents that they are about to get caught. But before they have had any chance to escape, they are confronted by Spender. Later, Spender informs his father that Mulder and Scully will be processed out of the FBI. Then he wants the truth about his mother. CSM tells him that Cassandra has been involved in a very important experiment. But before he tells any more, Spender must prove himself capable of the responsibility that comes with such knowledge. Meanwhile, Scully performs some research. She learns that Cassandra was first abducted on the night of November 27th, 1973. The same night Mulder`s sister was abducted.

CSM tells Spender about Elder #1`s death. He instrucks Spender to kill the imposter with a gimlet weapon. But Spender is too nervous; the imposter sees the gimlet in Spender`s hand, and attacs him. Luckilly, Krycek comes to Spender`s rescue, driving the gimlet into the imposter`s neck. Afterward, Krycek informs Spender that his father directed the experiments forced on Cassandra. Spender realizes he is being asked to protect his mother so that the experiments can continue.

Back at the hospital, Cassandra enters the bathroom to smoke a cigarette. As she looks in the mirror, her face suddenly loses it`s shape, and she screams. The female FBI agent assigned to protect her races to her aid. She assures Cassandra that she will be all right, as she is "the one". Cassandra stares at her, not comprehending. The FBI agent reaches up to her own face and pulls back her flesh, revealing a male Faceless Alien beneath. Cassandra recoils in fear, and runs to Mulder`s apartment. With time running out, she begs the agents to kill her, because if she lives, there will be no stopping what is about to happen. Mulder draws his gun and aims at Cassandra...............



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