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2.25 Anasazi








Byron Chief Moon as the Father

Bernie Coulson as The Thinker

Paul McLean as Agent Kautz

Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman as Albert Hosteen

Renae Morriseau as Josephine Doane

Auriello Dinunzio as Antonio

Michael David Simms as the Senior Agent

Ken Camroux as the 2nd Senior Agent

Mitch Davies as the Stealth Man


A little bit boring.


Part one of three

A computer hacker nicknamed "The Thinker" gains access to top secret DOD files on extraterrestrial life. He gives Mulder the files on a computer diskette. This can prove that government officials have been involved in UFO cover-ups througout the years. But there is one problem: the files are coded in Navajo. When Skinner questions Mulder about the rumor he possesses sensitive information, Mulder suddenly punches him. A discipline hearing will determine if Mulder is to be dismissed without reinstatement.

CSM pays Mulder's father an unexpected visit on Martha's Vineyard. He informs him about the top-secret files in his son's hands, and that their names is in those files. He telephones his son and asks him to pay a visit home. Meanwhile Scully lets herself into Mulders apartment, and almost gets shot by a bullet coming in through the window.

When Mulder arrives at Martha's Vineyard, his father speaks cryptically about his work for the State Department. When he is about to reveal the truth, Alex Krycek shoots and kills him. Mulder is the only vitness to the killing, and Scully urges Mulder to leave before he gets suspected.

When Scully comes to Mulders apartment to visit him, she notices a suspicious delivery person carting a soft water canister to the basement of the apartment building.

Mulder spots Alex Krycek sneaking around his house, and draws his gun, ready to shoot him. But when he is about shoot, Scully arrives, and shoots Mulder.

When he regains consciouness, he is lying in a motel room in New Mexico. Scully explains that a lab test revealed that the water flowing into Mulder's apartment contained a hallucinogen making him act aggressive.

An old indian man, Albert Hosteen, begins translating the encoded DOD files. He explains to Mulder how a tribe of Indians who once lived in New Mexico disappeared without a trace. Their name was Anasazi, which means Ancient Aliens. Albert believes they were abducted by aliens. Albert's nephew Eric leads Mulder out in the desert, and shows him a railroad train boxcar buried in a rock quarry. They contains the bodies of what looks like aliens. CSM calls Mulder on his cell phone. He claims that Mulder's father authorized the project. But Mulder doesn't believe him. CSM traces Mulder's location, and arrives there in a helicopter. But Mulder is gone. He orders his men to destroy the boxcar. . . .



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