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3.03 D.P.O

Original Air Date: 10/06/95






Mar Andersons as Jack Hammond

Giovanni Ribisi as Darren Oswald

Jack Black as Bart Liquori ("Zero")

Peter Anderson as Stan Buxton

Ernie Lively as Sherrif Teller

Karen Witter as Sharon Kiveat

Steve Makaj as Frank Kiveat

Kate Robbins as Darren's mother

Brent Chapman as the Traffic cop

Jason Anthony Griffith as the 1st paramedic

Cavan Cunningham as the 2nd paramedic

Bonnie Hay as the Night Nurse


Boring episode and bad story.


Connerville, Oklahoma: Two boys, Darren Oswald and Jack hammond, are fighting over a video arcade game. Jack knocks Darren to the floor, and the electricity within the arcade seemingly falls under Darren's power. Frightened, Jack runs to his car and attempts to drive away. But Jack's car is hit by the lightning or something, and he dies.

As Mulder and Scully examine Jack's body, the local coroner describes how five other young people were killed in the same manner. Sheriff Jack Teller corrects the coroner's statement, noting four people died but one survived. Scully believes it is statistically improbably for so many people in such a small area to have been struck by lightning.

To try finding some answers, Mulder and Scully visit the video arcade. Darren's friend, Zero, worked at the arcade the night of the killing. He provides little help and acts suspiciously. But Mulder notices the initials D.P.O. on a video game's high score list. The initials match those of Darren Oswald, who's middle name is Peter. He was also the only one who survived being hit by lightning.

While working at a local garage, Darren approaches Sharon Kiveat, a former high school teacher and his boss' wife. Darren has been in love with her since high school. Later, Mulder and Scully pays a visit to the garage and interview Darren about Jack's death. Darren claims he was so wrapped up in his game he didn't notice what happened. During the interview, Mulder's cell phone suddenly starts to melt.

The next day, the agents examine a field where several cows were killed by lightning. They discover a fulgarite, an area where the lightning fusedsandy soil into glass. Imbedded within the fulgarite is a shoe print. Scully discovers the print came from a size eight and a half military boot. She also finds a small quantity of antifreeze within the glass, which Mulder deduces came from the garage. When they pay a visit to Darren's home, they discover that his shoe size is eight and a half, and they also find a yearbook photo of Shannon Kiveat.

Using his powers, Darren alters a traffic light signal and causes an automobile accident. Frank Kiveat, the owner of the garage and Shannon's housband, drives to the scene to remove the vehicles. Darren then causes Frank to get a heart attack. Paramedics rush to his aid, but find their defibrillator inoperative. Darren rushes to his side and uses his hands to give him an electric shock, which saves him.

Scully examines Darren's medical history, and discovers he suffers from a severe electrolyte imbalance. Mulder theorizes how the imbalance might enable Darren to generate electricity levels much higher than normal. The agents take Darren into custody, but Sheriff Teller releases him due to the improbable nature of the charges without telling Mulder and Scully. Darren travels straight to the video arcade. He thinks Zero squealed on him, and he kills him. Then he travels to the hospital trying to find Sharon. But instead he finds Scully. Scully point her gun at Darren, but Sharon agrees to follow him outside. There, she runs to safety. When Teller and Mulder surround Darren, he summons a lightning bolt. The energy kills Teller. Darren is arested and placed in a psychiatric hospital.




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