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6.02 Drive


A car is being stopped by the police. A man and a woman is in it. When the car stops, the womans head explodes. Mulder and Scully are investigating the case, even though they no longer have the responsibility for the x-files.

The man gets arrested, but he escapes. He takes Mulder as a hostage, and forces him to drive against California (against the westcoast). The man tells Mulder that he have to move west all the time, if not, he`ll die. Thats what his wife died of, the car stopped. In the meantime, Scully is finding out that it was something inside the womans ear that exploded. She wisits the couple`s house. They were living next to one of the weird, top secret things the gouvernment makes. (I cannot remember it`s name right now)

The weird gouvernment thing makes some sort of air-pressure inside peoples ears, and finally it explodes. Why they have to move west is still an unexplained mystery. If Scully stabs a needle inside the mans head, he may survive, but unfortunately, he dies before Scully reaches California.





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