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4.06 Sanguinarium

Original Air Date: 11/10/96






O-Lan Jones as Nurse Rebecca Waite

Nancy J. Lilley as the liposuction patient

John Juliani as Dr. Harrison Lloyd

Andrew Arlie as Attorney

Arlene Mazerolle as Dr. Theresa Shannon

Celine Lockhart as the skin peel patient

Richard Beymer as Dr. Jack Franklin

Paul Raskin as Dr. Prabu Amanpour

Gregory Thirloway as Dr. Mitchell Kaplan

Nina Roman as Jill Holwagerm

Martin Evans as Dr. Hartman

Marie Stillin as Dr. Sally Sanford


A bit too much blood and that sort of stuff, but after all pretty cool.


Everyone wants to be beautiful. . .And the Aesthetic Surgery Unit of Chicago's Greenwood Memorial Hospital can make anyone more beautiful. . .if you can pay the price. For one patient thought to be undergoing a scalp-reduction the price is a grisly death, when Dr. Lloyd goes insane during surgery and performs a violent liposuction instead. . .and literally sucks the blood out of the poor man (don't watch this scene while you're eating).

The doctor claims to be possessed by demons, and Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate. Scully finds out that the doctor was addicted to sleeping pills, and assumes that caused a psychotic break. But when Mulder discovers evidence of a pentagram (an occult symbol of protection) on the floor of the operating room, he thinks that some kind of magic is at work.

Sone days later, another doctor goes insane when going to perform a skin peel. He uses a laser to burn through the flesh of the patient's face. Also here Mulder discovers a pentagram, placed there by a nurse, Rebecca Waite, who's also a practicing witch.

When talking to Dr. Franklin, he admits that ten years ago, four similar deaths occurred. He also says that Rebecca Waite was working at the clinic a that time. When Mulder and Scully search through her house, they find candles, incense, herbs and witchy objects. But Rebecca Waite is gone. She's lying in a tub full of gore in Dr. Franklin's bathroon, waiting for him. But when he comes home, she fails to kill him, and she's arrested. But on her way into the police car, she's starting to throw up safety pins, and dies on her way to the hospital. This, Mulder recognizes as a classic case of death by hex from Rebecca Waite's occult books.

Waite was trying to protect her patients. . .but against what or whom? Maybe Dr. Franklyn, who smiles inscrutably as he levitates a few feet above his bed.

Putting all the clues together, Mulder deduces that Franklyn is a black magician. Cursed with the sin of vanity, Franklyn transforms his looks beyond the limits of surgery, using sorcery and human sacrifice. Ten years ago, he had escaped suspicion. Today, he manages to escape even Mulder. Mulder is too late to stop the final sacrifice that completes the spell. Dr. Franklyn slices off his own face, do disappear forever. . .

. . .And the classically handsome Dr. Hartman is welcomed aboard at a Los Angeles cosmetic surgery clinic.



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