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6.05 Dreamland II






Michael McKean as Morris Fletcher

Michael Buchman Silver as Howard Grodin

Scott Allan Campbell as Jeff Smoodge

Tyler Binkley as Terry Fletcher

Dara Hollingworth as Christine Fletcher

Nora Dunn as Joanne Fletcher

Chris Ufland as Sam

Mike Rad as Randy

Lisa Joann Thompson as Kelly

John Mahon as General Wegman

Julia Vera as Mrs. Lana Chee

Nick Lashaway as Young Mulder

Ashlynn Rose as Young Samantha

Chris Owens as Mulder's Dad


Even better than Redux, Especially the ending.


Part two of two

In prison, Mulder manage to convince his fellow Area 51 colleges that he was trying to run a scam on the FBI, not help them when he gave Scully the flight recorder.

In the meantime, Scully is suspended, and Fletcher tries to ease her pains by inviting her to dinner. She agrees. But whan she gets there, Morris has bought new furnitures and actually created a home in Mulder`s apartment (I wouldn`t actually call Mulder`s apartment a home). This just gets to weird for Scully, and she confronts him with the body-changing, and he tells that he has no idea what happened or how to get things back to normal again.

But one of the Area 51 guys somehow discover that if the body-changing is repeated, everything goes back to normal. He positions Mulder and Fletcher in the right time at the right place, and their personalities are returned to the rightful bodies. Their memories of the past few days are gone. When Mulder (the real one) returns to his apartment he gets quite a shock after Fletcher`s re-decorating.


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