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6.06 Terms Of Endearment






Bruce Campbell as Wayne Weinsider

Lisa Jane Persky as Laura Weinsider

Michael Milhoan as Dep. Arky Stevens

Grace Phillips as Betsy Monroe

Michael Rothhaar as Dr. Couvillion

Lenora May as Ms. Britton

Jimmy Staszkiel as Mr. Ginsberg.


Boring, but ok.


A married couple, Wayne and Laura, is going to have a baby together. The doctor tells them that the baby has something strange at the back of the head. The parents gets worried. When Laura goes to bed, she dreams that a devil come and take her baby out of her. When she wakes up, she is covered with blood, and no longer pragnent.

The sheriff in the town, Laura`s brother, come to the FBI for help with the case. Agent Spender gets it, but throws it in the garbage. Mulder takes it up again, and he goes to visit Wayne and Laura. After he has spoken to her, he calls Scully from the house. Scully says that she has read Lauras journals, and that her blood was containing a hallusinating drug.

Wayne listens to the conversation, and in the middle of the night he goes out in the garden an starts digging for something. Laura comes out, and asks what he is doing. He says he`s burning leaves.

Wayne seem`s to be living a double life. The next day he visits another woman who seem`s to be his wife, Betsy. Betsy is also pregnant.

When he comes back to Laura, he tells her that there is something she should know. The night Laura lost her baby, he went out of the house because he could not sleep. When he came back, he found Laura holding a dead baby in her arms. The next day she could not remember what se had done, and he burned the baby, and buried it in the garden.

Laura believes the story, and tells the police that it was her who killed her baby.

In prison, Laura starts to doubt at the story. Wayne comes to visit her, and she sees that he has two excrescences at the back of his neck, just like the baby had. Wayne literally sucks the life out of her, and she gets in a coma.

In the meantime Mulder has found out that Wayne has several aliases, and all of them has been acused for murdering their wives unborn children. His real name is Yeles. He`s from Romania, and on romanian the name "Yeles" means the devil. He also discover that Wayne has another wife at the other side of the town, Betsy.

Wayne goes home to his other wife. Betsy tells him that also that baby had some strange things at the back of the head. He does the same to her as he did to Laura. But Betsy is not a normal woman, and she stops him.

Mulder and Scully finds Wayne in Laura`s garden. They ask where Betsy`s baby is. He says that she took it. He is about to say something more, when the sheriff shoots him.

He survive, and ends up at the same room at the hospital as Laura. He woke up and sees her be in a coma next to her. He gives her his life, and he dies, but Laura wakes up.

Mulder understands that all he wanted was a normal kid, not a devil. But Betsy wanted a devil, therefore she ran off with her and Wayne`s baby.



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