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2.23 Soft Light






Forbes Angus as the Government Scientist

Steve Bacic as the Second Officer

Nathaniel Deveaux as Detective Barron

Guyle Fraizer as Barney

Kevin McNulty as Dr. Christopher Davey

Robert Rozen as Doctor

Tony Shalhoub as Dr. Chester Ray Banton

Kate Twa as Detective Kelly Ryan

Donna Yamamoto as Night Nurse

Craig Brunanski as the Security Guard




Virginia, Richmond: A nervous man, Chester Benton, is knocking on a man`s door. A curious nabour, Patrick Newirth, is watching him. When Benton`s shadow falls on Newhirt, he disappears, and the only thing left of him is a black spot on the carpet. Two people have disappeared at the same way before, and the police have no traces. One of Scully`s pupils from the police academy, Kelly Ryan, contacts her, and ask for her help.

All of the people which have disappeared have travelled with train the day they disappeared. Mulder and Scully watch the surveilance cameras for the train station, and one man just sits there the whole day long. In the evening, on his way home, two police officers arrest him. Also they disappears when coming near his shadow.

In the meantime, Mulder and Scully has gotten a new trace. The man was working for "Polarity Magnetics", where the first victim worked. They visit one of his partners, and he says he thought Banton was dead.

He was a scientist, and was trying prove that dark matter was existing. 5 weaks ago, he was doing an experiment, and got himself captured inside a machine. When someone got the door up, all that was left of him was his shadow, which was burned into the wall.

The bext day, Mulder and Scully go to the train station again, and find Benton. He gets arrested, and ends up in a mental hospital. Mulder and Scully question him, and he tells them whats happened 5 weeks ago in the laboratory. His shadow splits molecyls up to atoms, and unzips electrons from their orbits, just like a black hole. The sharper the lightning is, the more dangerous his shadow is. He has finally proved that dark matter exists, but the problem is that the dark matter is inside him, his shadow. He also tells them that the government is after him, because of the black matter.

Benton escapes from the mental hospital with help from X (the mystic black man), and goes to the laboratory to try to fix things up. But one of his partners locks him in the same machine that turned him into black matter.

Whan Mulder and Scully goes to the laboratory, they find another shadow on the wall. Benton is gone, but it`s not necessarily Bentons shadow on the wall, cause another doc has disappeared at the same time as Benton.

It looks like the government got him after all. At the end X and the doc that locked him into the machine is doing some sort of experiments on him.



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