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3.01 The Blessing Way

Original air date: 09/22/95






Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman as Albert Hosteen

Tim Michael as Albert's son

Dakota House as Eric Hosteen

Mitch Davies as the Camouflage Man

Michael David Simms as the Senior Agent

Don Williams as the 1st Elder

Stanly Walsh as the 2nd Elder

John Moore as the 3rd Elder

Jerry Hardin as Deep Throat

Benita Ha as Tour Guide

Ernie Foort as the Security Guard

Forbes Angus as the M. D.

Alf Humphreys as Dr. Pomerantz

Lenno Britos as the Hispanic Man

Ian Victor as the Minister


Pretty cool episode.


Part two of three

CSM is looking for Mulder and the missing DOD files. Albert Hosteen and his family is interrogated and beaten. Scully is given a mandatory leave of absence until a review board investigates the nature of her insubordination. When she pays a visit to The Lone Gunmen, thay tell her that The Thinker (the hacker who accessed the DOD files) has been executed by unknown assailants.

Meanwhile, the indians find Mulders body under some rocks in the desert. They perform a healing ritual called "The Blessing Way" over his body. As the ceremony progresses, Mulder's soul encounters a bridge spanning two worlds. He encounters visions of Deep Throat and his father, and of the aliens trapped inside the boxcar. On the third day of the ritual, the Navajos watch as Mulder regains consciousness.

While walking through a security checkpoint at the FBI headquarters, Scully sets off a metal detector. The security guard waves a magnetic wand near her neck, and discover that she has a little metal piece under her skin. Scully visits the medical lab, and gets the thing removed. It turns out that it is a small computer chip. Melissa, her sister, convinces her to visit a hypnotist to try figure out what happened whan she got abducted.

While attending Mulder's father's funeral, Scully is approached by the Well Manicured Man. He claims that Mulder is dead and that a hit squad is out to kill her. Later, Skinner wants to talk to Scully, and take her to Mulder's apartment. Scully think Skinner is sent to kill her, and she points her gun at him, demanding Skinner to answer her questions.

Meanwhile, Alex Krycek is searching through Scully's apartment looking for the disk. Suddenly, someone comes in the door. They think it is Scully, and shoots her. But it is Melissa.

Back to Scully's questioning of Skinner: Someone is approaching the front door of Mulder's apartment. Catching Scully off-guard, Skinner pulls out a gun. . . .



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