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6.12 One Son






Don S. Williams as Elder #2

Al Ruscio as Elder #3

Frank Ertl as Elder #4

Peter Donat as Bill Mulder

Scott Williamson as CDC Leader

James Pickens Jr. as A. D. Kersh


More of the conspiracy is exposed. Finally!


Part two of two

. . .Mulder is about to shoot Cassandra, when CDC agents storm in, and take Mulder, Scully and Cassandra into custody.

In a quarantined area at Ft. Marlene military base, Agent Diana Fowley explains that Cassandra Spender has contracted a highly contagious virus, and that she needed to be put in isolation. Scully is suspicious, and believe that Cassandra was taken so that the tests could continue. But Mulder tells Scully that the tests won't continue because they have been finished. Cassandra is, in fact, the first successful human/alien hybrid. Cassandra knew that; she was begging Mulder to end her life so that the aliens would not start colonization.

In a hallway at Ft. Marlene, Mulder finds Marita Covarrubias. She tells Mulder that they have been performing tests on her, tests to find the vaccine against the Black Cancer. She explains to Mulder that the hybrid program was in cooperation with the aliens, but the conspirators never intended to succeed. They were only buying time until a vaccine was created. But now that Cassandra Spender is a successful alien/human hybrid, colonization will begin.

Scully tells Mulder that she feels that Diana Fowley is somehow working with the Syndicate, but Mulder refuses to believe her. Mulder pays a visit to Diana`s apartment, searching for incriminating eveidence. While he is there, another person also shows up, CSM. Mulder holds him at gunpoint as CSM substanties the entire Syndicate operation. He also tell that Mulder`s father gave Mulder`s sister Samantha to the aliens as a guarantee of their honor. In return, the aliens gave the Syndicate the alien fetus that would allow the human/alien hybrid work to begin. CSM truly believes that what he did saved millions of lives and ultimately would bring Samantha and other family members back home. It was Mulder`s father who thought of the idea to use the alien fetus DNA to make a secret vaccine against the Black Cancer.

Agent Spender pays a visit to his father`s office, only to find Krycek in the now abandoned space. He tells Spender that everyone has left for El Rico Air Force Base to receive the hybrid genes, and that Spender`s father, CSM, has gone to get Cassandra to turn her over to the aliens.



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