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In Memory Of

Daniel Rohrbough

March 2, 1984 - April 20, 1999


Daniel was heading to a nearby park to eat his lunch, carrying a Dr Pepper and his some food, when the gunmen approached the school. They sprayed bullets at anyone in their path. He was shot in the chest, abdomen and leg, and died on the sidewalk, a few steps from safety.

Daniel's death was the most public of any of the slayings in the rampage. As helicopters hovered above the school, his body lay crumpled on the pavement in his jeans and a green shirt. His body lay outside for 24 hours. "It would have beed hard to live with it if I found out that he could've been helped", said his grandmother, Maxine Rohrbough.

His family have later filed a lawsuit against the sheriff's department claiming Daniel died from shots fired by sheriff's deputies. This allegation has yet to be proven.

Daniel was 15 years old and a freshman. He was helping his father in the electronics business and worked on family farms in Kansas in the summer. He was interested by computer games, stereos and home theater systems.

His friends said he was quiet, but he had a zany sense of humor:
He wore shorts in winter. He and his buddies played street hockey until their sticks broke, battled each other in Nintendo games for hours and overdosed on Orange Julius drinks while they pretended to do their homework.

"Dan was a really great guy. He was loving. He was caring. He was a really, nice, awesome guy," said one of his best friends, Matt Houck, 14.

The boys lived one block from each other and became close in seventh grade. Now that they were in high school, they only had an earth science class together. But they remained inseparable. Another of Daniel's friends was Sean Graves, who was injured in the shooting.

Daniel's mother saw him for the last time at breakfast time on Tuesday morning.
"Usually I don't see him," she said. "He usually rides to school early with his sister, Nicole. But he came down Tuesday for breakfast, and we talked about stuff, just chit chat, and before he left I gave him a hug and a kiss and told him I loved him."

Click here to read an article about how Daniel's stephfather and the father of two other slain students chopped down two memorial trees for the families of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.




Where to make donations to Daniel:

Daniel Rohrbough The Petrone Scholarship Fund
c/o Nortwest Bank
8500 W. Bowles Ave.
Littleton, CO 80123


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