To our community,

April 20, 1999, forever changed our lives in ways we are still struggling to understand.

In the days since, we've experienced all the emotions that you might imagine. But what you might not realize is the impact that this community has had on our journey.

Your thoughtful kindness has overwhelmed us at times.

The innocent and pure gift of five small pieces of candy that arrived in the mail from a 4-year-old boy who thought it might make us feel better. The stranger who showed up at our door with a casserole and then left as quickly and quietly as she came. The letters that continue to arrive from all over the world addressed only "To the family of." The contributions that have been given for family assistance and memorials. The flowers that blanketed Clement Park. The heartfelt tears of people we'll never meet. The prayers of an entire world.

Thank you seems inadequate when we count the endless ways you've reached out to us. The hope you've inspired. The strength you've given. The love you've shown. It seems there will never be enough ways to say what our hearts feel for this community.

Please know how much you've meant to us. Thank you.

From the families of those murdered and injured at Columbine High School