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Screen Name: LCaress
Member Name: Trench Coat Mafia in da House!!!
Location: Littleton, Colorado
Sex: Male
Hobbies: Preparin' for the big april 20!! You'll all be sorry that day!
Computers: Packard Bell
Personal Quote: "I'll call a fig newton cookie if I want"



Screen Name: Rebdomine
Member Name: REB
Location: Littleton
Birthdate: siebzehn
Sex: Male
Marital Status: naah
Hobbies: making fun of you people.
Computers: cow.
Occupation: senior at CHS and the rest is still unpublished.
Personal Quote: its fun being schizophrenic.



Screen Name: Rebldomakr
Member Name: ERIC HARRIS
Location: Littleton, CO USA
Birthdate: BC
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: professional doom and doom2, creator. meeting beautiful females, being cool.
Computers: pentium75, 8megs of RAM, soon will be better........
Occupation: part-time worker at a fireworks stand in CO, and DOOMING the hell out of my computer!(playing doom, a lot: )
Personal Quote: when in doubt, pull it out.(computers)-----Shut up and shoot it.----Quit whining, it's just a flesh wound-----Kill Em AALLLL!!!!

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