The Shooting

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Tuesday, April 20 -Around 11:30 am a 9-1-1 call came into Jefferson County sheriff's office reporting numerous gunshots at Columbine High School. Sheriff's deputies arrived a few minutes later and heard gunshots and explosions coming from inside the school. They also saw a number of small fires burning inside. Students have told that two people came into the school wearing long, black trench coats and face masks. They were carrying shotguns, grenades and pipe bombs. The sheriff says when the suspects were discovered dead inside the school, they still had a number of small explosives on their bodies. The police also found more explosives at their homes.

The gunmen's names were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, both seniors at Columbine, and members of "the Trenchcoat Mafia". Before they shot and killed themselves, 12 students and a teacher were murdered, and numerous people injured. This is the worst school shooting in the U.S. history. Here you can read some stuff about what went on during the shooting, and the shooting itselves.


Reconstruction Of The Shooting

Transcripts of exchanges between police officers

Transcripts of 911 tapes

The aftermath of the shooting

Facts and Rumors

Could the shooting have been prevented?

Pictures from the shooting


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