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Did You Know. . .


...that the season three episode "Piper Maru" is named after Gillian Andersons daughter Piper?


...that the number 1013 often occurs in the show? Ten Thirteen is the name on the X-files production company.


...that the number 1121 also often occurs? It`s the date of Chris Carter`s wife`s birthday.


...that Mulder is the maiden name of Chris Carters mother?


...that Fox is the name of a friend Chris Carter had as a kid?


...that Chris Carter often used to listen to a DJ who`s name was Scully?


...That the character "Senator Richard Matheson" is named after author Richard Matheson? The series "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" is based upon his books, which was the series which inspired Chris Carter to write "The X-files".



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