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S t e v e n W i l l i a m s

Played the role as Mr. X in The X-Files until he died in 1996 (X died, not Steven)


Date of birth: 7th January 1949

Place: Memphis, Tennessee



F i l m o g r a p h y


1998 Linc`s (Russell A. Lincoln) TV Series

1998 The X-files Game (X) Computer Game

1996 L.A. Heat (Det. August Brooks) TV Series

1995 Legacy Of Sin: The William Coit Story (Det. Sexton) TV

1995 Bloodfist VII (Captain Doyle) Movie

1995 The Omen (Dr. Cornelius) TV

1994 Corrina, Corrina (Anthony T. Williams) Movie

1994 Deep Red (Eldon James) Movie

1993 Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (Creighton Duke) Movie

1992 Revolver (Ken) TV

1992 The Heroes Of The Desert Storm (Spec. Alston) TV

1991 Disney Presents The 100 Lives Of Black Jack Savage (Black Jack Savage) TV Series

1991 The Wereabouts Of Jenny (Mick) TV

1990 The Court-Martial Of Jackie Robinson TV

1989 Under The Gun (Gallagher) Movie

1987 21 Jump Street (Capt. Adam Fuller) TV Series

1986 House (Cop #4) Movie

1986 Dreams Of Gold: The Mel Fisher Story (Mo) TV

1985 Missing In Action 2: The Beginning (Nester) Movie

1985 The Equalizer (Lt. Jefferson Burnett) TV Series

1985 Rambo: First Blood Part II (Lifer) Movie

1985 Triplecross (Kyle Banks) TV

1985 Better Off Dead (Tree Trimmer) Movie

1985 International Airport (Frazier) TV

1985 Silent Witness TV

1984 Hunter TV

1983 Twilight Zone: The Movie (Bar Patron) Movie

1983 Doctor Detroit (Junior Sweet) Movie

1980 The Bluesbrothers (Trooper Mount) Movie

1979 Dummy (Julius) TV

1978 Big Apple Birthday (More Fairy Tale Folk) Movie

1975 Cooley High (Jimmy Lee) Movie


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