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Steve Railsback


* He got a Golden Globe nomination in 1980 for his performance in "The Stunt Man"

* The X-files character "Duane Barry" was written especially for him, and writer Chris Carter said that he did not know what to do if he didn`t agree to play the part. But he finally agreed, and his first X-files appearance was in the episode "Duane Barry", and then in "Anscension".



1998: Disturbing Behavior (Officer Cox) MOVIE

1997: The Visitor (James Vice) TV

1996: Barb Wire (Pryzer) MOVIE

1993: In The Line Of Fire (David Coppinger) MOVIE

1985: Lifeforce (Carlsen) MOVIE

1980: The Stunt Man (Cameron) MOVIE

1979: From Here To Eternity (Robert E. Lee Prewitt) TV

1976: Helter Skelter (Charles Manson) TV


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