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D a r r e n

M c G a v i n


*He was the guy who wrote "Kolchak: The Night Stalker", which was the series which inspired Chris Carter to write "The X-files". Chris Carter was offering him guest parts for years, until he finally agreed to be in the season five episode "Travelers". He played the part as a retired guy, Arthur Dales. He is also going to appear several times in season six.



1998: Millennium (Henry Black) TV

1995: Billy Madison (Brian Madison) MOVIE

1984: The Natural (Gus Sands) MOVIE

1983: A Christmas Story (The Old Man) MOVIE

1980: Hangar 18 (Henry Forbes) MOVIE

The Martian Chronicles (Sam Parkhill) TV

1974-75: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Carl Kolchak) TV

1973: The Six Million Dollar Man (Oliver Spencer) TV

1958: Mickey Spillane`s Mike Hammer (Mike Hammer) TV

1951: Chrime Photographer TV


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