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Jeffery Spender



Parents: Cassandra and C.G.B. (alias The Cigarette Smoking Man) Spender

His mother has several times been abducted by aliens, and she is the first successful alien/human hybrid. His father is one of the guys who directed the experiments on Cassandra. And Spender had absolutely no clue about what was going on until the season six episode "Two Fathers". In the next episode "One Son", his father, CSM, killed him.




4.07 Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man Not really about Spender, but Chirs Owens plays the part as the young Cigarette Smoking Man.

5.13 Patient X The first meeting between Mulder and Spender.

5.20 The End Spender leads the investigation of the assassination of a chess player.

6.03 Triangle Not really about Spender, but Chris Owens plays a nazi guy during the World War II.

6.11 Two Fathers Spender learns the truth about his mother

6.12 One Son He gets killed by his own father



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