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Cassandra Spender



She have been married to C.G.B Spender, better known as The Cigarette Smoking Man. They have a son together, FBI agent Jeffery Spender. Cassandra has been a test subject for her ex-housband in his attempts to make a successful alien/human hybrid. In the season six episode "Two Fathers", he succeeded.



5.13 Patient X Cassandra helps Mulder regain his beliefs in alien existence. This is the first meeting between Mulder and Cassandra.

5.14 The Red And The Black Cassandra is missing after the faceless Alien Rebels burned the people waiting for them.

6.11 Two Fathers and 6.12 One Son Cassandra is the first successful human/alien hybrid, and must be terminated. If not, the alien colonization of earth will begin.



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