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The Cigarette-Smoking Man



: C. G. B Spender

:As a baby, he was orphaned. His father was a communist spy who was electrocuted, and his mother died of lung cancer. As a young man he joined the Army. In 1963, he got recruited by the right-wing conspiracy that operates within the shadows of the official government. Some of his work is the assasinations of JFK and Martin Luther King.

But he is not only a cold blooded murder, he's also a writer. He's hoping to once become a published author, but has only once gotten his work published.

Some years ago, he was married with Cassandra Spender, the woman who was the first successful alien/human hybrid. They have a son together, FBI agent Jeffery Spender, who got killed by The Cigarette-Smoking Man in the season six episode "One Son".


* He smoke Morleys.

*He is a member of The Syndicate, together with The Well Manicured Man.

*In the season four episode "Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man", he was among others acused for shooting JFK.

*He is agent Jeffrey Spender`s father, and Cassandra Spender`s ex-housband. He is also the one who directed the experiments (the human/alien hybrid program) on Cassandra


2.25 Anasazi He is trying to get back some top secret DOD files.

3.01 The Blessing Way The search for the DOD files continues. . .

3.02 Paper Clip The search continues. . .

4.07 Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man The whole episode is about CSM's life.

5.03 Redux II CSM arranges a meeting between Samantha (MUlder's sister) and Mulder, and Samantha says CSM is her father. In the end, CSM gets shot.

5.20 The End CSM comes back to life to kidnapp the psychic boy Gibson, shoot FBI agent Diana Fowley and burn down the X-files.

6.03 Triangle It's not really an episode with CSM, but William B. Davis plays a nazi guy during the World War II.

6.11 TwoFathers CSM and the other syndicate members have made a successful an alien/human hybrid, Cassandra Spender.

6.12 One Son Cassandra must be terminated, if not, the alien colonization will begin. CSM kills his own sone, Jeffrey Spender.





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