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Pictures of Patrick Ireland


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April 20, 1999. Patrick escapes from the school library and down into the hands of the SWAT team.

April 20, 1999. Another picture of patrick escaping from the library.

May 7, 1999. Patrick at a press conferance held at Craig Hospital.

September 25, 1999. Amy Bierbach and Patrick Ireland as he is named homecoming king.

December 5, 1999. Patrick is celebrating when the Columbine Rebels won the state finals. He is the one with the "43"-shirt.

2000. Patrick, left, poses with fellow Columbine students Jeff Matthews, Ryan Vandamme and Peter Forsberg at Stonehenge on a recent class trip to Great Britain.

April 2, 2000. Sacramento Kings forward Chris Webber, left, jokes with Patrick. He was Webbers guest at the game and was made an honorary ball boy.

April 13, 2000. Patrick, left, and his friend Matt Varney at a rally.

April 13, 2000. Pat Ireland, center, laughs with Brianne Schwantes, left, and Lexis Coffey-Berg during a Denver rally that celebrated schoolchildren honored as 'Heroes of the Heart

April 14, 2000. Patrick smiles as he gets a farewell hug from physical therapist Sarah Gorner.


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