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Pictures of Anne Marie Hochhalter


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Columbine yearbook picture.

Anne Marie's father, Ted Hochhalter.

April 27, 1999. Ted Hochhalter on CNN

January 12, 2000. Ted Hochhalter thanks real estate agent Marilyn Gilmore and victims advocate Sherry Hobson (right) during a tour of the Hochhalter's house for the media.

March 11, 2000. Christopher Reeve, second from right, meets with Columbine students, from left, Richard Castaldo, Anne Marie hochhalter, and Sean Graves.

March 11, 2000. Anne Marie in Beaver Creek, Colorado meeting Christpher Reeve.

April, 2000. Anne Marie with her father, Ted Hochhalter.

May 18, 2000. Anne Marie , who made straight A's in her senior year, holds the cap she will don Saturday, May 20, at Columbine's graduation.

Anne Marie with her dog.

Anne Marie at their new home

Anne Marie at their new home

I don't know here and when this one is from.

With donated sports wheelchair and handcycle.


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