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In Memory Of

Steven Robert Curnow

August 28, 1984 - April 20, 1999


Steven was 14 years old, and a freshman at Columbine. He dreamed of being a Navy top gun, piloting an F-16. He loved the "Star Wars" movies, and watched them so many times he would recite the dialogue along with the actors. He was collecting and had read numerous books from the Star Wars series.

Another think Steven loved was soccer. He started playing when he was five years old with the YMCA and later for Club Columbine, now the Colorado Rush Soccer Association. His coach said he was an excellent soccer player. Steven's father, Larry, who was a referee with the soccer club, encouraged his son to explore that aspect of the game. He helped train him for a referee position, which his family says helped Steven understand the game even better while it also earned him a little money.

"Steve was a delight to know," his family have said. "He was so good with younger children. He had a smile that touched everyone who knew him. He was a great kid and it's hard to imagine life without him in it."




Where to make donations to Steven:

Steven R. Curnow Memorial Fund
c/o First Bank
Box 2297
Littleton, CO 80161


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