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In Memory Of

John Robert Tomlin

September 1, 1982 - April 20, 1999


He was shot in the library, where he was studying.

In the evening, John's family assembled at his flower-bedecked truck as rain began to fall at the park next to the school. Both John's grandfather, John Francis Tomlin, and his father, John Michael, and several other relatives took turns sitting in the truck and standing in a group embracing and crying.

John was 16 years old and a sophomore. He and his family moved to Littleotn from Wisconsin four years ago. He enjoyed driving off-road in the nearby Rocky Mountains in his beat-up Chevy pickup, and listened to country music. He attended Foothills Bible Church and was a member of the Youth group at Riverside Baptist Church South in Parker.

Last year he went on a missionary trip to Mexico with his family and built a house for poor people. "John recommitted his life after that trip",said the Rev. Bill Oudemolen. "He said he wanted to be used by God to serve him."

To help pay for his car, John had worked 30 hours a week for the last year-and-a-half loading trees, making deliveries and driving tractors after school and on weekends at Arapahoe Acres Nursery and Garden Center.

The thing Michelle Oetter, John's girlfrined, remember about him, is his friendliness "He had a grin, and you couldn't help smiling when you saw him smile," she said. "He spent so much money on gas driving back and forth to my house, but he always told me I was worth it".

After graduation in two years, John planned to enlist in the army. "He was a great kid, really happy, going to school, getting good grades", said his father, John Tomlin. "He knew what he wanted to do. He had everything planned."




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