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In Memory Of

Isaiah Shoels

August 4, 1980 - April 20, 1999


Isaiah was shot in the head execution-style in the school library. He was the only black youth killed in the shooting. Witnesses have said that he was shot especially because of his race and athletic interests. His father says he believes that account: "He was black and he was an athlete", Michael Shoels said. "That's why my son died. Because of the color of his skin and the achievements thet he wanted to do for himself...ThatĘs not a reason to die."

"He was so full of life, and he got along with everyone," said Ashley Prinzi, a classmate. "He was so small, I don't even know how all the bullets got him."

Isaiah's family found it too painful to come to his graduation ceremony on May 23, 1999. Isaiah had looked forward to his graduation, and marked the days off on a calendar. His cap and gown were buried with him, and his diploma was on display at his funeral.

His parents, Michael and Vonda Shoels and his siblings have now moved from Littleton to Dallas because they found it too painful to continue living in Littleton. They have also filed a $250 million lawsuit against the Klebold and Harris families.

Isaiah was 18 years old and was ment to graduate from Columbine on May 23. After high school, Isaiah wanted to attend Denver Institute of the Arts and become a music executive like his father. His father is president of Notorious Records, a 10-year-old firm, and Ft. Knox Entertainment, which he started in 1997 to promote black musicians in the Denver area. Isaiah played the keyboard. Isaiah moved to Littleton from Lakewood in 1997.

When Isaiah was a kid, he suffered health problems, and he had heart surgery twice. In April 1999, he had been hospitalized for five days, and Monday, April 19 was his first day back to school.

He loved sports: he bench-pressed twice his weight and played football and wrestled. Transferred from Lakewood High School.

Friends describe him as a very nice person. "He was the nicest person I knew", remembers classmate Justin Norman. "He would always go up to you and say: "What's up?", even if you didn't know him."





April, 1999. Interview with Isaiah's father and Rachel Scott's brother


Where to make donations to Isaiah:

Citywide Bank Funds For Isaiah Shoels And Lance Kirklin
Mail with individuals name to:
P. O. Box 128
Aurora, CO 80040


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