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No report of interview with Harrises

'Nothing of substance' came from meeting with killer's parents, county official says

By Jeff Kass
Denver Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer

A record of the much-publicized interview with the parents of Columbine shooter Eric Harris was not in the 11,000 pages of reports released this week because so little information was gained, an official said Wednesday.

County spokesman John Masson said the sheriff's department logged an entry in their records indicating an interview had occurred, but did not write up a report.

"There was nothing of substance that occurred during the meeting; not enough to generate a report," he said.

Masson said, however, that the Harrises did ask questions of investigators.

"There were many questions to the sheriff's office from the Harrises about what happened to their son and questions about the legal processes," he said.

A meeting was held with the Harrises in October 1999. But the location and most other information was withheld.

An attorney for the Harrises could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Previous reports have indicated that Sheriff John Stone, District Attorney Dave Thomas and attorneys for the Harrises were at the meeting.

Masson said Wednesday undersheriff John Dunaway, division chief John Kiekbusch and lead investigator Kate Battan also were there.

Masson added that Wayne and Kathy Harris were accompanied by a private investigator.

"The sheriff's office offered to meet with the Harrises again," Masson said, "but that offer was never taken up again."

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 fellow students and a teacher at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. They then took their own lives.

The massive piles of documents released Tuesday had minute details on the incident, such as the clothes witnesses were wearing the day of the shooting. But there was no mention of the interview with the Harrises.

November 23, 2000