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Could the shooting have been prevented?


In the aftermath of the shooting, it appears that both school officials and the police could have stopped Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold from fullfilling their plan. For instance, Eric Harris had a web page where he threatened to blow up the school, and in 1998 the sheriff's department planned a search of his house. For some reason, this search was never conducted. Both of the gunmen were also investigated for making pipe-bombs and for downloading bomb-making information from the internet. They had also threatened to kill students at the school.

A lot of this information have been concealed by the sheriff's department until a judge ordered the documents to be released. Below are some newspaper articles with extracts from the newly released documents and other information.


Columbine knew of Harris probe (April 13, 2001 - The Denver Post)
Columbine danger sign ignored? (April 8, 2001 - The Denver Post)



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