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Facts and Rumors



Inside Columbine High School, the SWAT guys found a lot of explosives, and bomb making equipment was also found in at least one of the suspects' homes. The police also found the barrel of one of the sawed of shot guns, and a diary . The two gunmen, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, might have learned how to make the bombs they used from the internet. Because of all the bombs, the police think that it may have been more people involved in the shooting. Eric Harris' ex-girlfriend have also been questioned, suspected for buying the weapons they used.

Both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were said to be members of "The Trenchcoat Mafia", a group at Columbine who always wore black trenchcoats. I'm not sure if they were members or not, this might be just a rumour. The group was supposedly fascinated with Hitler, and the shooting took place on Hitlers birthday.

There are rumors that the gunmen had a list of other schools to hit, and it has scared other local Colorado schools. There is also talk that one of the two dead suspects had made a video last year describing the crime. Eric Harris' diary shows that they started planning their crime already back in April 1998. The diary also had notes on what halls were good hiding spots, what time the cafeteria has the most students, and much more.

Their original plan were, according to the diary, to kill at least 500 people in the school, go downtown and kill more people, then hijack a plane, and kill more people.

Witnesses have said that the two gunmen were targeting people due to race, athletic interests and eight of the murdered students were serious Christians, four Catholics and four evangelicals. The killers went after 17 year old Rachel Scott and 18 year old Valeen Schnurr apparently for no other reason than that they had Bibles. (I'm not sure if this is true)

On May 3rd, the students of Columbine High School returned to school, but they will not be at Columbine, because of the shooting. They will be at a High School a few miles down the road, Chatfield High School. Chatfield students have made welcome signs and are being very helpful with this adjustment. Chatfield students will have classes in the morning, and Columbine students will have classes in the afternoon.

It will cost over 50 million dollars to repair Columbine High School and to help the students, staff, and families to deal with what has happened.


Weapons used in the shooting

- One sawed-off (reduced to 23 inches)Stevens Model 31D 12-gauge double-barrel shotgun (Dylan Klebold)
- One sawed-off (reduced to 26 inches) Savage-Springfield Model 67 12-gauge pump shotgun (Eric Harris)
- One Intratec TEC DC 9mm, modified, semi-automatic handgun (Dylan Klebold)
- One Hi-Point 9mm carbine rifle (Eric Harris)


A TEC DC 9mm handgun, similar to the one used by Dylan Klebold (though the one he used didn't have the barrel shroud on).

This is is the sawed off Savage-Springfield shotgun used by Eric Harris in the shooting.


- 48 CO2 bombs
They were wrapped in jackets consisting of duct tape coated in buckshot (shotgun pellets.
- 27 pipe bombs
The bombs had screw on caps, much like those of soda bottles. One cap was previously drilled through, and cannon fuse inserted to ignite the bomb. Gunpowder was chosen as the charge in this instance, and was packed into the weapon. Next, the bombs were jacketed much like the CO2 bombs. Only in the case of the larger pipe bombs, nails were used instead of buckshot. When detonated, the larger charge produced a much larger explosion with a much larger lethal radius, as well as delivering the nails with considerable force. These bombs are of the fragmentation type. - 11 1,5 gallon propane tank bombs and 2 20 pound propane tank bombs
These bombs were the most powerful. They were designed to produce a massive firewall, burning anything and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught near them. The detonation devices were CO2 bombs with electric ignition and a timer. In theory, when the CO2 time bomb went off, the buckshot would puncture the propane tank. The sparks and fire from the first bomb would ignite the gas in the second, producing the desired effect. However, this only worked in theory. Very few of the propane bombs went off as they were supposed to. Rather than go off, the CO2 bombs blew the tanks open, releasing the gasses. The tanks were spark resistant, and there was not enough heat to ignite them. A few managed to catch a bit of the aftershock of the first explosion and flare up, being nothing more than a well fueled bonfire, rather than an incendiary explosion. The fireball in the cafeteria footage was caused by one of the 20lbs. tanks. Had these bombs worked the way they were planned, the combination of the two 20lbs. tanks in the cafeteria would have produced an explosion powerful enough to completely level the cafeteria, and the library about it.
- 7 gasoline/napalm bombs
Similar to Molotov cocktails, a lit fuse connected to a glass container full of a flammable liquid. When thrown, the glass shatters, exposing the liquid to the flame, creating a considerable fireball. These can be classified as incendiary grenades.

- In additon to all this, the shooters' cars and rooms were stuffed with trap bombs. However, they were discovered and disarmed before they could do any harm



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